The brand Jelado first started off from a single pair of jeans. This pair of jeans was the S501XX (World War Model) from LEVIS. This pair that I found in America was not exactly in good shape nor did it have the perfect sizing. Only one pocket was left and the hidden rivet was made bare, but there was something about it that appealed to me, something almost like an aura was exuding from it. The taste that comes only from the unevenness that is unique to the World War Model jeans. The color that came from 60 years of aging. The damage made by workers of that age. I was simply captured by the idea to create a pair of jeans that would finish to be something as splendid as this pair. This is how the craftsmanship of Jelado came into the world. Under the support of an excellent factory, we started off from producing fabric. Vintage clothing was everything of the lives for us, and we took our time to carefully choose each part to make our products. To make a splendid product that you can be content with was never easy and still is not. However there is also a great joy that can only be found through craftsmanship. Our belief in making clothes is not to just simply reproduce vintage items, but to evolve them. For this, we take modern taste into the sizing of our denims. This is the concept of our brand which we call “Topping”. In short, not to remake but to refine. This is how we wish our brand to be acknowledged.